DO IT LIKE ME – GF, DF, Cacao, blueberry, chia pancakes for breakfast

This is like a result of not having what I’m use to make breakfast of, at home. So, at first I was suppose to do a smoothie bowl with toppings. But as most of the times I think it’s a little bit boring when everything have the same structure, if not the taste of the smoothie is AMAZING, but I only had strawberries, blueberries and banana.

SO I made a smoothie with those things and cardamom, thought it was a little bit boring and mixed it with chia seeds and realized that okay, I don’t want to have this smoothie as my main thing. So I took a part of the smoothie and blended it with 1 egg white, 1 egg, cacao, baking powder, fiber husk and some more chia seeds and made pancakes out of it with coconut oil in the pan. When when was done I served them with blueberries, half an avocado with pink himalayan salt, almonds, some tahini swirls, PB, and some of the smoothie.


Soon it’s time for our 6/10 10K walks, and this time it’s not only with Anisa, it’s with Alma as well :D! Yesterday was crazy and I think today will be as well. It’s some kind of storm in the air!? Better get REALLY dressed.

work out talk

Good morning. Today it’s like a storm outside, but it’s kind of cozy al long as  I’m on the other side of the window drinking coffee haha. Me and Anisa are back on track with our walk. So yesterday I both went to the gym, and our walk which came to be 13K wuhu, and at the gym I was running fast for 12 minuts and did the stair machine for 25 minuts and followed it all up with some exercises.

About running, I’m actually really proud. 12 minuts can seem like nothing for some people, but it’s seriously the second time I’m running fast without any breaks(in therms of walking), and that’s what I’m challenging now. To see how long it’s easy to run without any breaks, and make that bit longer. I know I can run for a longer time if I’m walking every three minut which made me run at all, and that how I’ve learned to do very good intervalls. My heartbeat literally goes down from 180 heartbeat/minut to 100/minut in maybe 60 sec or even faster. So right now the focus will be to make those 12 minuts 13, make those 13 minuts 14 and so on.

Giving you this picture because who’r pretty at the gym?


LOVE LOVE LOVE my Adidas tights!What’s funny and less likable is that I still have some sort of tan in those small openings on my leg. IMG_9525.JPG



It’s pleat

You know where the old H&M home were on Drottninggatan, yea right there we can now find this cute place called it’s pleat. So yesterday I went there with Astrid, Mikaela and Cecilia. IMG_7902.JPG

First of all, let us talk about the menu. Everything is cheaper than on other places. Coffee is 19/23, Astrid bought a smaller salad for 45 kr, and so on. I’d guess a matcha maybe is 35 kr.IMG_7905.JPGWhat else I like, is that they have funny platters. Here we have one with different colored carrots, seed bread, mix of chips, dips and cauliflower and broccoli, SO GOOD! I’m not sure about the left one there but I’m sure it’s nice. IMG_7903.JPGMikaelas golden latteIMG_9485.JPG❤ IMG_9483.JPG

IMG_9482.JPGAstrid BABE ❤ And I’m so happy because my love is coming back to live at my place in one week.IMG_9467.JPGCecilia and Mikaela ❤IMG_9480.JPGSo this weekend has been a full catch up week end and it has been sooooooooooooooo amazing.

What didn’t come to happen is me and Anisas 10K but well when life is happening it’s fine to just live it. I think we will be back on track today! I think I want to go to the gym AS WELL! Better do it before out walk so I wont bang :D. I’ve drinken 2 coffees and soon it’s breakfast time, guess what? CHIA 😛 . Skärmavbild 2018-01-15 kl. 10.25.54.png


catch up times

Fashion week is around the corner which always means that it’s some kind of reunion, at the same time you’re meeting so many new people so and me as the hyperactive person as I am, am gong SUPER HYPER. At my frist casting, at Hope, I met two girls from Slash ten models, Slim and Elsa, and together we went to the next casting where I met Sally wiho. She went to the gym, and I called Julia to meet up with her and Astrid and after some shopping we went for a coffee/lunch at juiceverket. So much love to them. I’ve know Julia for such a long time, since we both lived in Stockholm and had Elite as MA before, but now Julia is with Stockholmsgruppen, and I’m with Slash ten, and Astrid she was actually with Modellink/Elite as well but are with Mikas now. It’s so crazy how things can change. So the only difference there is that I weirdly didn’t meet her until less than 1 year ago. WHAAT!? IMG_9394.JPGSally joined us after a while and we walked to Astrid and Mikaelas hotel in Gamla stan where I FINALLY GOT TO MEET MIKAELA, and it was almost two years ago since the last time.! I love her so much and cried of happiness just by seeing her!

So we all went to FLFL (also a tradition) and met Ida, and Helena, ordered food and just had such a great evening. Mix and Astrid is going home today so before that, I’ll go to town for a last catch up.


I feel that I maybe should change my name on my blog to ”the breakfast club” or why not just ”C.H.I.A.P.U.D.D.I.N.G” to be clear!? LOLJK, but here we have ONE MORE breakfast and a chia to be specific. I’m this period person and tend to get stuck in having on sort of breakfast for a while, haha maybe my blog can help me to be more varied? A few years ago I ALWAYS had quark, raspberries, PB, than I went on to be dairy free, and had soygurt before I understood I was sensitive for that as well, and started to have ”chocolate pudding ( avocado, blue/raspberries, liqorice, salt, cacao) and now it’s chia times. I’m sure I would have had it as my tradition before as well, because I searched for some filling dairyfree option.


(content below contains an adlink.) So I took this picture before it was all done because I wanted to to show you the real chia, which is made of 1 small gated carrot, grated squeezed ginger, chiaseeds, some coconut, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and almond milk. My favurite is to add peanut butter powder for some extra protein and a delicious taste, but I had finished my package.. :(. Anyway, under my chia it’s raspberries, and above you can see everything.


Here we’re having the last ”details”, some raspberries and foamed almond milk. BAM BOM SUCH A GOOD START OF THE DAY.


Update at the agency

I’m currently sitting in by bed, I’ve washed my hair with a face mask on and done brushing my teeth which might be one of the most boring things you can do hahah! I’m so done for today, which by the way have been an super amazing day.

We talked this morning, when I had my morning cappuccino(s), and since it was really early an I wanted to prior making a post here lol I missed breakfast and had a banana on my way to work. At my break I got the best tip ever from Paulina which was that Life had 3 bars for 10 kr, WHICH IS CRAZY since one cost 23 kr. So I’m always buying a hemp protein bar, and thought that the cheep ones would be picked from the ”bad ones”, and thought on my way there that I would buy the ones for 23 instead of those 3 ones. At my first sight, it was as I thought – only bad ones, which in my opinion is those with artificial flavours , milk protein and sugar – but there in the middle it was hidden 3 hemp protein bars, and the rest of the good bars were not on sale, how crazy? So I had a hemp bar and a matcha on my break and than I was super loaded and ready to rock the rest of the day.

After my work I went straight to the agency for a meeting and an update with Fabriona and Stasia. So we started of by taking some polaroids, – natural simple pictures. What’s funny is that those might be even more important than your book. So this is in action and snaped by Stasia.

And afterwards we had the best talk with plans in making, and I can not stop think of how thankful I am to have Stasia and Fabriona on my side. It’s crazy and best out of both worlds to have both my bookers from my older agencys. Such a dream team. It’s so common in the model industry that the model is afraid to go to the agency, to be judged and I just want more such as my bookers at Slash.Ten models who together with me workes for my own best.  It’s so important to have an open conversation so you both can reach out and talk about your visions.

It feels like a gift from heaven to have those power ladies with me, seriously. Tomorrow I have a casting as I think I will go to with some other models, Astrid/Sally? depending on who’s having the same.

LOTS of Love, and what’s might be most important, believe in yourself. 


Good morning, or what do see say after 5 hours of sleep, just morning maybe? Yesterday Stasia released her magazine GUAVAS so I went there with Linnea and Fabian and met up with so many lovely people there, and not least Stasia OFC! Others was my babydream booker Fabriona, Ellen Simone (photographer) and so many others.

The evening yesterday was so good and talked with Adrian all my way home and got so much good energy from him. ❤ ❤ Since my lunch was around 4 yesterday I felt like I needed something when I came home so I ended up making protein peanut powder cream out of this (adlink) oatgurt and salt. 🙂

So why am I up this early, well, I am about to work at 8 (my fave shift tho since you work 2 hours when Hollister is closed) and than I have to go straight to the agency and take new polars. Think they will be pretty after my 5 hours of sleep, but I belive in that coffee will be my answer for today. About our 10K walks 4/10 is done, and yesterday was pretty hard in some way. So after I’ve been to the agency I’m about to meet Lo and since me and Anisa actually do want to try make those 10K everyday in 10 days, we will try to make them a lovely evening sesh. PRE part walk :D. Will let you know how it goes.

ANYWAY, on top of this, don’t you think it’s funny that I’m so ”talky” this early? I’m always having my most creative mood in the mornings.

BABES, whish me luck today  because it won’t be a short day.

To just clear up my head

8-13.30 Work

14-15 Agency

15-17 LO

19 10K walk? PING ANISA





Way out West Vlogg

So I don’t know if any of you noticed this video before? I had ut ”up” for some hour and realised I needed to edit it a bit so for the second time – HERE WE HAVE THE WAY OUT WEST VLOGG! ENJOY





HAHAH I’m so hungry! Me and Anisa are done with our 3/10 10K woho. And I’am snacking on weird stuff cause my dinner date Tilde is having those normal train problems, but babe grabbed an Uber and will be coming soon! HAHA feel sorry for for her! ❤

Anyway, this is what we’re gonna eat – lentil pasta with tomatosause and in just a cupple of minuts I’ll mix it up with zuccini pasta!





two out of ten


BABES! How are you all? It’s wednesday and it was my ”food-shopping-day” as I have here in my family. So I’ve done a really quick session at the gym, I don’t know but I just felt tired really quick, and new I didn’t have SOO much time so I did 21 (HEHE) minuts at the stair machine and it’s SO damn effective, it sais I burned 1000 kcal during those 21 minuts, but I doubt it, and my conclusion is just that it’s really effective. After that I was a sweaty mess, did a few exercises and went for this shopping. I’ve just been eating avocado corn cakes and veggies with hummus, some dark chocolate and felt I needed a coffee to make myself ready for me and Anisas 10K that I’m gonna leave for in 10 minuts. 2/10 10K is done! And yesterday we even had an extra walk afterwards. Wiho! Tonight my lovely friend Tilde is coming over for dinner and am so exited to hang with her. That girl literally saved my life in Paris where we met. SO LUCH LOVE TO HER. ❤